Thursday, 7 March 2013

Women's Day

Happy women's day ladies....Wish you guys all the best today......


I so hate theories right now.... who decided to add them to the different education curriculums and did they go through what we going through seeing as with theories, there is always a newone coming up which is a modified version of the previous one for example the different version of the marxism theory.
All my years of school, I never answered theory questions; dont even think I read topics to do with theory. I always had it at the back of my mind that with theory if you miss a step or make one wrong move in your description everything that comes after the mistake is wrong and with that i got through fine not answering theoratical questions... My joy has been short lived since now I have a course unit dedicated to media theories (so not cool)  but oh well I can't do much seeing that karma has come to bite me in the ass..... Just praying i get done wit the semster( of course with good grades)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Drodsty dinner

I had an awesome time with my fellow celeste rhodents at our dinner... I found myself grasping for breath everytime because these guys are just hilarious..... They should start their own stand up comedy show....All in all it was an awesome dinner and the girl from Allan Gray that sang Adele's 'I found a boy'  with her guitar just nailed it..and everyone who knows am an Adele fan knows i don't praise people easily though i think her broadway song was better vis a vie her Adele may be because her theatrics were on point. All in all it was a great night....