Thursday, 31 March 2011

23 today

hmmmmmmmmmm....planning on partying hard this weekend with my mates.... guess we all got alot to celebrate.........xoxoxo

traditional engagement ceremony

my brother's traditional engagement ceremony was this year in jan and it was lovely and really colourfully.....

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


so has i already said Saturday was my cousin's traditional engagement party...tek a glimpise at these pics

one day to go

tomorrow is the d day and am not psyched up which is unusual because i always look forward to ma birthday could it be aging that's getting to me.... yet i am a 22yr old gal who looks 18 weird. guess its coz the old man aint around may be will be on Friday when he gets the mean time let mi feast on the pre-birthday cake he left behind....he really does know how to apologize for not being around on my birthday

Monday, 28 March 2011

brunno mars was made for the ladies

every time i listen to a Bruno mars song ma heart melts because he has so much passion in his voice has he sings the words.....his gal friend is the luckiest gal in the world. today am listening to marry you don't think can ever get tired of this song atleast that's one song to ma list of wedding songs yeahhhh.....xxxx


thursday is my birthday and for some reason people are wishing me a happy birthdays and giving me birthday gifts in advance or are  they pre-birthday gifts puzzling i know.... so friday my boyfriend surprised me with an Aldo bag  so when  i told him thanx he said it was the 1st of many gifts to come cool unha. cant wait for the rest....

monday again

its monday so am back to office but cant stop thinking of how wonderful ma weekend was. i think i just needed a long weekend to get mi back on track atleast woke up today looking forward to the day. i attended ma cousin's traditional engagement ceremony on saturday and boy was it lovely.... to top it all after went partying with my boyfriend and a couple of friends and yes it was a night to remember. spent ma sunday in bed watching movies the whole day and night something i hadn't done in along time

Friday, 25 March 2011

mum and baby

today morning i saw a beautiful one year old baby boy who was all happy and playing with his mom. i couldn't help it but want ma own, i thought of what it must feel like looking at your own child if someone felt this much joy just looking at someone's baby.... guess five years ain't that far so will hold on till then........

dads back

dads back and am so excited like a love struck teenager....or better still like a boy who has got a new toy and cant wait to show it off to all his new friends.  i even woke up early un like usual just to have breakfast with him and indeed it was a great breakfast.......

Thursday, 24 March 2011

out of the ordinary

hmmmm.....had a long lunch with ma boyfriend and it was relaxing,lovely and refreshing. think i needed it now am back at work and wishing i had stayed with him funny how from having a bad day it quickly turned into having a good one......xoxo


i wake everyday and everyday i ask myself wats so great about today and guess wat i cant think of anything that makes me want to get out of bed which makes me think i need a vaccation to freshen up

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

mother in law

so today is my mother in laws birthday and mu boyfriend wants me to go over and wish her a happy birthday in person but we don't have alot to talk about mi and her thou we get along. its just so weird sitting with her and talking about the same usual staff home,family,work and to top it all not sure what to get her